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What is a CombiCoin?

Over 1300 cryptocurrencies? One CombiCoin. One Wallet. One Exchange. Don't Fear Of Missing Out! CombiCoin is the ideal start for new investors in cryptocurrencies.

What is a CombiCoin?

A CombiCoin is an index fund type value based altcoin containing all of the Top 30 Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (Cash), Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. It's a basket of all the popular coins, so you don't need to worry which obscure/over-hyped/pump-and-dump Altcoin/ICO to follow: There is no FEAR OF MISSING OUT with CombiCoin!

Basket of 30 Coins

Including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, NEM, Monero, IOTA, NEO, OMiseGo, NXT, Lisk, Qtum, Stratis, Zcash, Waves, ARK, Steem, EOS...etc.

Only Good Coins

One CombiCoin is made of 1/30th of other altcoins. And only cryptocurrencies with a minimum of a market cap of at least 50 million dollars will be considered in the Top 30.

Only Active Coins

Cryptocurrencies with daily trading volume of at least 500.000 dollars are considered in the Top 30 of cryptocurrencies which are the foundation of a Combicoin.

Only Tradable Coins

A cryptocurrency is only considered in the Top 30 if it is tradable at at least 3 exchanges (during 4 weeks immedtaily preceding construction of the ranking).

ERC20 Ethereum token

CombiCoin is an ERC20 coin using blockchain technology of Ethereumthat and is 100% asset backed by the top 30 of the currencies: It's a lot like an equity fund on a stock market.

Regulated & 100% transparent

All assests bought by CombiCoin can be verified via the wallets. Also CombiCoin has applied voluntarily to be regulated by the European authorities aspiring 100% legitimicy and transparency!

Manually Controlled

The Triaconta team will adjust the composition of the CombiCoin if required and the Top 30 will be updated bi-monthly.

No Dominant Coins

Intervention if CombiCoin acquired more than 4% of a total supply of a currency or when a single coin becomes very dominant withing the CombiCoin

What if you could buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, NEM, Monero, IOTA, Ethereum Classic, NEO, OMiseGo, Nxt, Lisk, Qtum, Stratis, Zcash, Waves, Hcash, ARK, Steem, Komodo, MonaCoin, Bitshares, EOS, Populous, Stellar lumens, Ardor, Augur and Cardano all at once in one single coin? Buy from a single Exchange? And store it on a single Wallet? You can...with CombiCoin!

CombiCoin Top 30 coin distribition & price value since launch


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Top 10 reasons to buy CombiCoin

Which cryptocurrency will skyrocket next? Ripple? IOTA? Litecoin? Ethereum? Still Bitcoin? Dash? With CombiCoin you're covered no matter which one will rule 2018!

Want to know more about CombiCoin?

Checkout the official Whitepaper with detailed technical information about CombiCoin and find out more about the team behind CombiCoin at Triaconta.com.

Read there what the Composition of CombiCoin exactly is and how this is constructed, controlled and if required adjusted by the team of Triaconta.com.
Also explained is how CombiCoin will diversfy the risk by buying 30 cryptocurrencies at once and how CombiCoin voluntarily asked to be regulated by the Dutch/European authorities to make sure that CombiCoin actually is 100% legit and transparent!

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about CombiCoin

Especially for new investors in cryptocurrencies CombiCoin is ideal: it's a less risky investment in the Top 30 cryptocurrencies at once. And it still is as easy as buying just one coin, but without the stress of pump-and-dump and daytrading. Only the profit!
Bitcoin/altcoin/cryptocurrency currency exchanges work similar to banks (or regular stock exchanges). You just deposit a supported (cryptocurrency) to your own account and buy/sell (trade) with other users in the desired cryptocurrency: in this case CombiCoins!
Currently you can only buy directly via Triaconta/CombiCoin themselves (very safe, but timecomsuming). From 2018 on you should be able to buy and sell CombiCoins from several globally trusted cryptocurrency exchanges.
From risky to safest there are online wallets, software wallets and hardware wallets. For CombiCoin initailly MyEtherWallet will do just fine. If you're really loving CombiCoin and growing your CombiCoins than you want to move to a hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger Wallet.
CombiCoin is not a payment cryptocurrency. It's an incredible investment asset combining all of the Top 30 cryptocurrencies in one CombiCoin. You buy CombiCoins. Watch them grow. And sell them when you want to cash out.
All Top 30 cryptocurrencies are bought and stored by the CombiCoin team. These wallets can be seen here: the combined market value of these wallets together determine the price of CombiCoin coin.
You can always contact BuyCombiCoin at the official BitcoinTalk forum. Or you can contact the team behind CombiCoin, Triaconta.
Well if a significant part of the 30 cryptocurrencies fall, CombiCoin's value will fall too slightly or sharply depending on the amount of coins falling.
Triaconta(.com) is the company behind the cryptocurrency CombiCoin(.co). BuyCombiCoin.com is a website (in no way related with Triaconta or the official CombiCoin) dedicated to the promotion of CombiCoin by a humble CombiCoin investor.
Triaconta/CombiCoin has voluntarily acquired regulatory approval by the Dutch Authority of Financial Markets (AFM) *this process is still running*: Once acquired, this will ensure that CombiCoin holders are better protected under Dutch and European law! Also all bought assets can be checked here.
This makes CombiCoin one of the first and only fully transparent and legit (=as in European legit, not an exotic island or third world made-up license-legit!) (Index Fund) Coin!

Top 30 Cryptocurencies empowering CombiCoin

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NOTE: From January 2018 on, it'll be possible to buy CombiCoins from several existing global Exchanges.

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